Trapping efficacy in table grape vineyards for area wide management of Queensland fruit fly

This investment will further develop mass trapping methods as a tool to assist in the control of Queensland fruit fly, while evaluating the effectiveness of trapping at decreasing fly populations for table grape growers. This research will ultimately improve area wide management programs for the pest and contribute to continued market access by delivering best […]

Regulatory support and coordination (pesticides)

This project provides the table grape industry, and all other horticulture industries, with key information regarding domestic and international pesticide regulation. The project, which is funded using across-industry funds, involves the production of Ag Chemical Updates, and regulatory risk assessments.

Parasitoids for the management of fruit flies in Australia

This investment is delivering the knowledge needed to evaluate the use of parasitoid wasps as a potential strategy for fruit fly management. The use of natural enemies such as parasitoids against insect pests is regarded as a core component in sustainable pest control and will provide horticulture industries with another method to use for fruit […]

Improving preparedness of the Australian horticultural sector to the threat potentially posed by Xylella fastidiosa

This multi-industry investment will review and allow Australia to adopt world’s best practice methods for detecting and identifying strains of the Xylella fastidiosa bacteria, should it come to our shores. As well as developing state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, technologies and protocols to screen plant material entering the country and to support active surveillance programs, it will […]

Cold disinfestation verification trials for table grapes

While Australian table grapes have access into several Asian markets under cold disinfestation protocols, further verification trials are required to support cold-disinfestation-based access into Taiwan. This investment is conducting the trials required by the Taiwanese National Plant Protection Organisation (NPPO) to support the use of cold temperature as a postharvest treatment against both Queensland fruit […]