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Traceability systems enable information to be provided through the supply chain, tracking the journey of food from farm to consumer.

The Australian Table Grape Association (ATGA) is partnering with Agriculture Victoria to lead a major innovative project to strengthen table grape traceability for high-value export markets.

The pilot, funded by the Victorian Government, is running through the 2022 table grape harvest
season, and aims to build, diversify and protect exports by developing producer-to-consumer traceability.

We are implementing new traceability systems, including labelling and integration with cool chain
tracking, to help maintain and elevate safety and quality for consumers and leverage the value of
Australian export brands.

QR code

At the centre of the ATGA traceability pilot is a little QR code with a lot of power.

Each GS1 Digital Link-enabled QR code label is unique and serialised, allowing automated sharing of data with every business in the supply chain. Everyone from farmer to consumer can authenticate the food’s precise origin and engage with the brand through an open platform smartphone scan. 

Want to check out the power of product verification? Scan the QR code to see how the ATGA is embracing traceability practices to enhance exports.


The ATGA is calling on supply chain members and the wider horticulture community to help raise awareness about the importance of traceability in the table grape supply chain, increase scan rates across the supply chain all the way through to the consumer, and, effectively, bolster future export capacity.

We have produced several resources to help supply chain partners embrace the pilot project, and
engage with the traceability technology.

Product verification – instructions for use

Download our instructions for use to adopt traceability scanning processes into your business.

Available in five languages

Future-proofing Industry: Trust, Traceability and Technology

Table grapes traceability pilot

During the 2021/22 season, one of the most challenging seasons Australian table grape growers have faced recently, the ATGA partnered with Agriculture Victoria to trial …

Our Supply Chain

In this animation we take a look at the role of the table grape supply chain and the importance of embracing traceability practices.

Available in 5 languages

Our Industry

Australian Table Grape Association CEO Jeff Scott speaks about how valuable the traceability pilot project is for industry.

Available in 5 languages

Our Producers

Perfection Fresh / Fruit Master Australia export manager Christian Jones talks about the importance of traceability for grape growers and exporters.

Our Technology

Result Group general manager Michael Dossor talks technology and traceability – capabilities, benefits and much more.

Our Logistics

Victorian Transport Association CEO Peter Anderson discusses the journey of the fruit across land and sea, from farm to market.

Our Importers

The importance of product verification, cool chain tracking and fruit assurance helps importers feel confident in the product they are buying and selling.

Our Retailers

Good traceability systems support the hard work of not only food supply chains, but the effort retailers put in every day to exceed their customers’ needs and expectations

Our Standards

GS1 Australia chief customer officer Marcel Sieira identifies how GS1’s it’s important to empower our export supply chains with world-class traceability systems based on global GS1 standards.

Our Producers

Perfection Fresh / Fruit Master Australia general manager export Christian Jones discusses the importance of traceability for table grape growers, exporters and marketers.

Discover the power of product verification

Our QR code social tile can be shared on all your social networks to encourage scanning. Show your community what supply chain members and consumers …

Our Industry

Australian Table Grape Association CEO Jeff Scott speaks about how valuable the traceability pilot project is for industry.



Jeff Scott

Jeff is the ATGA’s only CEO, having been in the position since 2005, shortly after the ATGA was formed.

Final report

The final report for this project will be available in early 2023.

ATGA secures major pilot project on traceability

Media release

Pilot commencement
31 August 2021