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Accidental spray drift into vineyards

Autumn is the season to keep an eye out for herbicide drift into vineyards If weather conditions are conducive to spray drift while dryland farmers ...
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A guide to food safety and quality assurance programs

This guide provides an overview of food safety and quality assurance, what it means, and some of the most common programs available in Australia.
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Managing redback spiders in table grapes

Redback spiders (Latrodectus hasselti) are found across Australia, in all table grape-growing regions. While they are not aggressive, and avoid humans, redback spiders can pose ...
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Labour information sheets

The ATGA has developed a series of resources for growers and employees in the table grape industry on the role of labour hire providers, becoming ...
Tools & templates

Sprayer maintenance checklist

Faulty sprayers can be the cause of disease and lost crop. Time spent on sprayer maintenance is time well-spent. Download the ATGA’s sprayer maintenance checklist, ...
Tools & templates

COVID safe plan

It’s important for growers and table grape businesses to be as proactive as they can be to protect their employees, themselves and their businesses. The ...
Tools & templates

Export registration information

The table grape export registration system is now open for 2021/22. Growers and exporters wishing to register for export should read the following information about ...

Table grape maturity testing procedures

The ATGA implemented national minimum maturity standards for table grapes in 2019 following significant consultation with industry and retailers. The new standards have been designed to achieve a ...
Tools & templates

MRLS app

The ATGA has developed an MRL app for the Australian table grape industry. ATGA MRLs Search provides real-time information on maximum residue limits (MRLs) and ...