Extension of technologies and best management practices to the Australian table grape industry

Beginning in 2020, this is the long-awaited first national extension project for the Australian table grape industry. This investment is ensuring that Australian table grape growers are kept informed about current R&D activities, results and resources – supporting the adoption of industry best practice and bolstering table grape production in key growing areas across the country.

This investment supported the employment of an industry development manager – Jenny Treeby – and industry development officer – Karen Connolly – for the table grape industry, who were appointed in March 2021.

Jenny and Karen, along with project lead Alison MacGregor, are responsible for delivering industry development and extension services in a nationally coordinated, but regionally delivered manner. Their activities will focus on extending the reach of the table grape R&D program across industry and improving grower capability to adopt best management practices and new on-farm innovations.

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