Candy Crunch

A mid-to-late season black seedless, Candy Crunch™ (IFG Twenty) produces medium clusters of oval to elongated berries. High yielding and holding well on the vine, Candy Hearts™ colours well, has a good fruity labrusca flavour.


Candy Hearts

Candy Hearts™ (IFG Nineteen) is a mid-season red seedless producing medium clusters of elongated oval berries. With a unique fruity muscat/labrusca flavour that holds well in storage, Candy Hearts™ is a high yielding variety.


A mid-to-late season alternative to Crimson, Carlita™ (Sheegene 25) produces very large and loose, long bunches of extra large berries. Its unique shape and bright red colour are complemented by a sweet neutral and fruity flavour.


Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy™ (IFG Seven) is a mid-season white to amber seedless grape, producing a unique “cotton candy” flavour. Cotton Candy™ maintains its flavour and quality in storage for a long time and yields very well. Cotton Candy™ will amber with high maturity or excess sunlight.


Crimson Seedless grapes are bright red, large, cylindrical-oval and seedless. The berries are crisp and firm, oval and seedless with a thick, tough skin, and firm crisp flesh with a neutral flavour. Bunches are medium in size, conical with a shoulder, and well filled to slightly compact. This is a major variety grown in Australia […]


Jack's Salute

Harvested mid-to-late season, Jack’s Salute™ (IFG Nine) is a red seedless grape, oval to elongated in shape, producing naturally large berries with no treatments. Jack’s Salute™ colours well, forms large naturally loose bunches with high productivity and low production costs. Jack’s Salute™ is easy to grow, stores well, has good flavour and firm to crispy […]


A mid-to-late season white seedless, Kelly™ (Sheegene 18) has a good flavour with a hint of muscat and a crisp texture. This rain tolerant variety produces large berries of medium bunches, stores well and extends the green seedless supply season.


An intense fruity flavour features in Krissy™ (Sheegene 12), a mid-season red seedless. Producing large to extra large berries of medium bunches, Krissy™ has medium to strong vigor and stores well.


Melody™ (Blagratwo) is a mid-season black seedless with slightly elongated berries of medium to large size. Featuring good natural colour and an intense fruity flavour, Melody™ is a high fertility variety with medium size bunches and very strong vigour.


SABLE SEEDLESS® brand (Sugrasixteen variety) is a black seedless, harvested in Australia from December to February and imported from North America from June to August. Sun World’s SABLE SEEDLESS® brand grapes are delightfully crisp, sweet and packed with tropical flavour.