ARRA Mystic Dream is an extremely fertile, rain tolerant variety with extra-large, abundant bunches. The big, sweet, thin-skinned berries, with their meaty texture, provide a remarkable eating experience. Ripening late in the season with full natural black colour and beautiful bloom, ARRA Mystic Dream has excellent on the vine hanging ability and extended shelf life.”


AUTUMNCRISP® brand (Sugrathirtyfive variety) is a late season green seedless, harvested January to April and imported from North America from August to October. AUTUMNCRISP® brand grapes offer an unforgettable eating experience. Its large cluster with firm giant green berries are crisp bursting with sweet flavour and a subtle hint of muscat.


This is a large, dark purple to black seedless variety developed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 1996. Harvested from mid-March to mid-April, Autumn Royal’s berries are oval, firm, and crunchy with good sugar levels.


The berries are pale green in colour and oval in shape with a few small seeds and a relatively thick skin. This variety is also called “ladyfinger” for its unusually elongated berries. The flavour is mild and tangy. This late seeded variety is produced in the greater Sunraysia region, and is a major export variety […]


Candy Crunch

A mid-to-late season black seedless, Candy Crunch™ (IFG Twenty) produces medium clusters of oval to elongated berries. High yielding and holding well on the vine, Candy Hearts™ colours well, has a good fruity labrusca flavour.


Candy Hearts

Candy Hearts™ (IFG Nineteen) is a mid-season red seedless producing medium clusters of elongated oval berries. With a unique fruity muscat/labrusca flavour that holds well in storage, Candy Hearts™ is a high yielding variety.


Featuring a tropical/fruity flavour with strawberry undertones, Candy Snaps™ (IFG Twenty-one) is an early season red seedless producing medium clusters of round-oval berries. Candy Snaps™ stores well, retaining its crunchy texture, colours well and is high yielding.


Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy™ (IFG Seven) is a mid-season white to amber seedless grape, producing a unique “cotton candy” flavour. Cotton Candy™ maintains its flavour and quality in storage for a long time and yields very well. Cotton Candy™ will amber with high maturity or excess sunlight.


Crimson Seedless grapes are bright red, large, cylindrical-oval and seedless. The berries are crisp and firm, oval and seedless with a thick, tough skin, and firm crisp flesh with a neutral flavour. Bunches are medium in size, conical with a shoulder, and well filled to slightly compact. This is a major variety grown in Australia […]


Dawn Seedless berries are golden, medium in size, oval and seedless with a tough skin that can be difficult to chew, but have a firm, dense flesh. Bunches are usually short, conical to pyramidal, very uniform and well-filled to slightly compact. Mainly produced in Western Australia, with pockets in the Greater Sunraysia region.