ARRA Sugar Drop is an early white, with good fertility, characterized by very large, naturally loose bunches. It is known for its appealing, elongated, light creamy colour berries that are delightfully crunchy and sweet, in a thin skin that seamlessly melts away. The variety holds up well on the vine and is also suitable for […]


This variety results from the crossing between Thompson Seedless, Cardinal, and other varieties. Flame Seedless displays typical medium-sized, round and deep red, seedless berries. Bunches are medium to large, conical and well filled. The berries have a crisp skin, and firm, crunchy but juicy pulp, with a sweet-tart flavour. It is typically consumed fresh or […]


A large, oval seedless grape with light green skin and a crisp, fresh-tasting flesh. Harvested from mid-January to mid-February, Menindee Seedless are considered one of the best eating grapes.