Bait Like a Boss: Part 3 – Where to land bait

Want to Bait Like a Boss? You need to know where to land bait! Watch part 3 of our Bait Like a Boss video series to uncover the perfect conditions for fruit fly to dine on bait, or find out more information:

Bait Like a Boss: Part 2 – Recognising fruit flies and their damage

Understanding fruit fly behaviour, and how to bait spray for control, is an essential part of any table grape producer’s integrated pest and disease management program. Want to Bait Like a Boss? You need to know your enemy. Watch part 2 of our Bait Like a Boss video series on identifying fruit fly.

Queensland fruit fly & male annihilation technique (MAT)

MAT – male annihilation technique – is an “attract and kill” strategy for male flies. The aim is to reduce male fly populations to low levels, reducing the mating opportunities for females. There are several different MAT types available, different shapes and sizes, and with different insecticides.

Queensland fruit fly treatment calendar

Want to know how to integrate your treatment options for fruit fly? Transitioning from cover spray to bait spraying? This seasonal calendar shows treatment options for Queensland fruit fly as well as other vineyard pests, and identifies the importance of adding bait spraying into your integrated pest management (IPM) program.

Queensland fruit fly treatment factsheet

Bait spraying is the most reliable and integrated pest management friendly way to reduce Queensland fruit fly numbers in a vineyard. This factsheet explores the “what, why and how” of Queensland fruit fly treatment options, including how to add bait spraying into your Queensland fruit fly treatment program.

Queensland fruit fly treatment comparison tool

Will you bait spray or cover spray Qfly this season? How long will it take, and what is the labour cost? Download the work rate calculator to compare the time and costs of treatment methods. Instructions for use:1. Click the “Download” button, and open the file in Microsoft Excel on a computer for best use. […]