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Quality & maturity

Australia has earned a strong reputation as a supplier of fresh table grapes of exceptional quality.

In 2019, the ATGA introduced national minimum maturity standards for domestic and export markets to ensure growers harvest their fruit at the optimum maturity.

The new minimum standards are based on the analysis of maturity monitoring data carried out over two seasons, as part of a project focused on increasing demand and consumption of Australian table grapes.

The project – Table grape supply chain quality 2017–2021 – was a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Table Grape Fund, using the table grape research and development levy and contributions from the Australian Government.

In 2021, the ATGA continues the maturity project in TG19004 – Minimum maturity standards adoption across the table grape supply chain. This investment will work to ensure the new minimum maturity standards are fully adopted, through building grower capacity and understanding, to improve greater consumer satisfaction surrounding Australian table grapes’ quality and taste.

The minimum maturity standards adoption project is led by Kitchener Partners, with support by Quality Associates.

Growers can access the table grape maturity testing procedures in the Tools section.