2023 Table Grape Export Registration

The Australian table grape export registration system is now open for the 2023/24 season.

Growers and exporters can now register their vineyards and packhouses.

Registrations close 5pm, Saturday 2 September 2023.

Growers and exporters with existing TG numbers would have received a notification from the system to commence registration, but any growers wishing to register for the first time should contact ATGA CEO Jeff Scott to set up a TG number and establish a profile.

ATGA has produced a video to help growers/exporters troubleshoot common issues.

Crop monitoring course

Growers must have their crop monitor (at least one, but may be more) complete the crop monitoring course through the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry’s LearnHub.

  • Only crop monitors who have completed the online training and passed the assessment are eligible to conduct crop monitoring for protocol markets.
  • Crop monitors must complete both the CORE module and the table grape specific crop monitoring modules online through Learnhub by 5pm AEST, Friday 01 September 2023 to be eligible to conduct crop monitoring for table grapes.
  • If you are a third-party authorised officer (AO), you already have access to Learnhub. To complete the crop monitor training email your first and last name, the email address you currently use to access Learnhub, AO number and commodity you wish to conduct training for to Horticulture Exports Training.
  • If you do not already have access to Learnhub, email your first and last name, preferred email address and commodity you wish to conduct training for to Horticulture Exports Training.
  • Crop monitors must be audited for compliance at the relevant accredited property audit.

If growers / crop monitors have any issues initiating the application the process, they can email Horticulture Exports Training for assistance.

Information session

ATGA will host an information session in September with Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry auditors, which will go into detail about the audit process, and what growers are expected to do.

DAFF will also provide an update on the requirements of the Accredited Properties Legislation.

Points to remember

  • All details have been rolled over from last year
  • Your maps have been rolled over, but not the details of your patches
  • You will need to enter the details in the EXPORT OPTION section
  • Most of you will need to tick In-field Packing, Orchard and Packhouse (unless you use a third-party packhouse)
  • You will need to select the countries you intend to export to
  • List your pest monitor/s. They MUST have completed DAFF’s pest monitor training program
  • A separate email will be sent for the details on how to register for the pest monitoring program
  • You will need to edit your maps (see right-hand side of screen and select section heading)
  • When entering your patch details, you need to click “PATCH BOUNDARIES”
  • To add details (export destination, variety, number of vines), click inside a patch and it will turn white
  • You must enter the details for every patch you intend to export
  • Amend your traps or location of the pack house under
  • Once completed, SAVE and CLOSE your application.
  • You will then be required to pay by PAYPAL
  • Sign the DAFF declaration, then submit.

New registrants

If you wish to register for export for the first time, please contact Jeff Scott (jscott@atga.net.au) and we can get you set up in the system.



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