Our Supply Chain

In this animation we take a look at the role of the table grape supply chain and the importance of embracing traceability practices.

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Discover the power of product verification

Our QR code social tile can be shared on all your social networks to encourage scanning. Show your community what supply chain members and consumers see when they scan the GS1 Digital Link enabled QR code.

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Want to check out the power of product verification? Scan the QR code with your smartphone to see how the ATGA is embracing traceability practices to enhance exports for our industry!


Jeff Scott

Jeff is the ATGA’s only CEO, having been in the position since 2005, shortly after the ATGA was formed.

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Our Industry

Australian Table Grape Association CEO Jeff Scott speaks about how valuable the traceability pilot project is for industry.

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MRLS app

The ATGA has developed an MRL app for the Australian table grape industry. ATGA MRLs Search provides real-time information on maximum residue limits (MRLs) and withholding periods (WHPs) for both domestic and export markets. With an easy-to-use interface, growers can use the app anywhere and anytime due to its offline capability.

The app provides access to real-time pre- and post-harvest chemical application data, including MRLs and WHPs based on domestic and export market, target pest or disease and/or active constituents.

With an easy-to-use interface, growers can use the app anywhere and anytime due to its offline capability.

Available to download:

Table grape supply chain quality 2017-2021

Beginning at the tail-end of 2017, this project supports growers and retailers in adopting collaborative quality standards and practices for Australian table grapes. Its quality-focused activities prioritise the supply of grapes of optimal eating quality right from the start of the season, and so contribute to consumer confidence, repeat purchasing, and increased demand.

Its work involves measuring maturity of fruit pre-harvest, at retail and at export, and identifying maturity specifications that will enable the industry to meet market and consumer demands. It also has a component that provides funding for the ATGA to support project activities.

Extension of technologies and best management practices to the Australian table grape industry

Beginning in 2020, this is the long-awaited first national extension project for the Australian table grape industry. This investment is ensuring that Australian table grape growers are kept informed about current R&D activities, results and resources – supporting the adoption of industry best practice and bolstering table grape production in key growing areas across the country.

This investment supported the employment of an industry development manager – Jenny Treeby – and industry development officer – Karen Connolly – for the table grape industry, who were appointed in March 2021.

Jenny and Karen, along with project lead Alison MacGregor, are responsible for delivering industry development and extension services in a nationally coordinated, but regionally delivered manner. Their activities will focus on extending the reach of the table grape R&D program across industry and improving grower capability to adopt best management practices and new on-farm innovations.